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Common Debts Discharged in Bankruptcy


It’s time to schedule a free initial consultation when you find yourself struggling to pay your bills or know you will be having issues in the future.  Consulting with a Bankruptcy Attorney is the best way to know what debts are discharged in Bankruptcy, the Bankruptcy Court has information, and here are some debts discharged in bankruptcy.

Common debts discharged in Bankruptcy:discharge debt

Medical bills-

Get rid of past medical debt, but know that you will owe all post-bankruptcy medical debt.  Bankruptcy can be the best way to handle one time medical debt occurring from an accident or for debt accumulated over a long time.


Stop paying the debt on collateral, such as a car or RV, which you no longer own.  It is hard enough to handle payments on current vehicles and in most situations bankruptcy will get rid of the amount you owe on vehicles you no longer own.

Long-term Secured Debts-

Get rid of both the debt and the collateral that you no longer need, want, or can afford such as RVs, boats, cars, ATVs.

Credit Cards-

Stop paying credit cards that you can no longer use and are demanding high monthly payments that you can’t afford.  After bankruptcy you will need to work to rebuild your credit, but your daily finances will not be crippled by excessive credit card payments.

Old Household Bills-

Move on from unpaid phone bills, cable bills, utility bills that have hung around for years.  Lose debt left behind from old moves and unfair landlords.  Depending on the circumstances debt remaining from moving out of old rentals can be discharged in bankruptcy.

Time Shares and Unfair Contracts-

Take advantage of the opportunity to disengage from the time-share that won’t let you use your time because you owe too much in fees.  Break the one sided home protection or mail order cd program that refuses to allow you out of a bad deal.

There are many types of debt, most of which aren’t mentioned here.  Please schedule a free consultation to discuss the one that is effecting you. We will explore all of your options.

Noah Bishop

Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Oregon Bankruptcy Attorney

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