A Collection of Bankruptcy Resources


How to Get to Bishop Bankruptcy Law.Bankruptcy Resources-Directions Compass

                  OFFICE DIRECTIONS  

Where to go for the Chapter 7 341A Hearing.

                  CHAPTER 7 341 HEARING

Where to go for the Chapter 13 341A Hearing.

                  CHAPTER 13 341 HEARING


Bankruptcy Court and Trustee Links

TheBankruptcy Resources-Court Bankruptcy Court of Oregon’s Website.


The Portland Oregon Chapter 13 Trustee Website for Wayne Godare.

                                                                                CHAPTER 13 TRUSTEE

Bankruptcy Resources

The Bankruptcy Code courtesy of Cornell University.

                  THE BANKRUPTCY CODEBankruptcy Resources-Code

A Glossary of Bankruptcy Terms.


A Comparison of Federal and State Bankruptcy Exemptions.



Recommended Non-Bankruptcy Resources

A Trusted Source for Debt Negotiation.

                  DEBT RELIEF NW